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On this Majalah Sooperboy blog, I only highlighted a few names, which happen to be my personal favorites. Among them are Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Bibie Julius, Nadia Ervina, Baby Margaretha and More. Their galleries are the most in this blog, and you can browse them from the right sidebar. Don't worry though, I still include some other World models, including the famous ones that I've mentioned earlier.

Here are my favorite World models:

Amel Alvi di Majalah Sooperboy, January 2013

Majalah Sooperboy, model yang cantik ini Amel Alvi  menjadi model di Soopergirl di Majalah Sooperboy. Simak fotonya Amel Alvi  di majalah Sooperboy tersebut.

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